All God's Children / Cheerleaders / Chosen Ones / Gifted Vessels / Total Praise

To minister to the saved and unsaved, deliver break through and proclaim God's omnipotent word through movement.

Ministry Scripture: Psalm 9:1
Meeting Date: Varies

Sister Sanketta Haymond


To help each other grow spiritually in the Lord as we share our gifts through ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Ministry Scripture: Psalm 133:1-3
Meeting Date: 3rd Saturday of each month

Deacon Tony Glover

Budget Committee

Deacon Eugene Wright

Building Committee

Deacon Casdell Singleton

C.A.P.P.S. (Computer, Applications, Programs & Publications Systems)

This ministry is responsible for the publication of written media used in the church, such as the weekly bulletin, the Joshua Journal and special programs. Through the C.A.P.P.S. ministry Joshua has a website.

Ministry Scripture: Isaiah 52:7
Meeting Date: Once a week

Sister Karen Pratt

Children's Church

Deacon / Sister Corey / Maria Anderson

Church Clerk

Sister Karen Pratt

Church Mother

Deaconess Helen Hill

Confinement Ministry

To visit those who are incarcerated. To give them hope and to save souls for the kingdom of God.

Ministry Scripture: Matthew 25:26
Meeting Date: 8 hours monthly at the prison

Min. / Rev. Bautista / Carlton Williams / Whaley

D.O.T.T.C. Ministry (Department of Transportation & Traffic Control)

Transporting members to and from Sunday School, church services and church activities

Ministry Scripture: Luke 14:23
Meeting Date:

Sister Joan Simmons


To provide a nurturing, Christian environment for females between the ages of 11 and 18 yard old where they can work on improving social skills and self esteem.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: Every 3rd Saturday

Sister Tamisha Hill

Deaconess Ministry

Sister Helen Hill

Deacons Ministry

To serve the membership of Joshua Baptist Church

Ministry Scripture: Acts 6:1-3
Meeting Date: Every Month (date to be announced)

Deacon Albert Hill

Decorating Committee

To beautify and create an atmosphere

Ministry Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9:10
Meeting Date: Varies

Sister Cindy Cato

Educational Ways & Means

To celebrate our students, to find them help if needed academically, to make them aware of scholarships as they become available

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: As Needed

Sister Marilyn Capers

Gospel Choir

Singing songs of victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ministry Scripture: I John 5:4
Meeting Date: 1st Sunday

Sister Aleita Williams

JBC Health Care Providers

To provide a caring presence, a listening ear and spiritual support to the congregation. To aid members in time of health distress or illness by providing first aid care until help arrives

Ministry Scripture: III John 1:2
Meeting Date: 2nd Saturday of each month

Sister Kathy Capers

Joshua's Journal

To reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, to encourage spiritual growth to Joshua family and friends and community by sharing articles from pastor, brotherhood, health and educational topics, calendar of events, humor, special articles and any information you would like to share.

Ministry Scripture: Isaiah 52:7
Meeting Date: Thursday before the first Sunday

Sister Betty Rouse

Joshua's Pearls

This is a needlework ministry teaching crochet, embroider, Crewel stitching, knitting, weaving and quilting. We have made caps, blankets, etc., to give to babies and the elderly.

Ministry Scripture: Titus 2:1-8
Meeting Date: Wednesday

Sister Elizabeth Brisbane

Jubilee Choir

Minister to people in songs.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: 4th Thursday of the month

Sister Andrea Oree

Kitchen Committee

To coordinate events at the church when food is served, to assist grieving families with meals.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: Once a month

Sister Justine Cato


Sister Trudie Dukes

Lord's Angels

To train our children to serve the Lord with JOY at a very early age through the ministry of singing.

Ministry Scripture: Psalm 100:1
Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of the month they sing

Brother Sammy Milton

Media Ministry

Brother Jerod Dent


The purpose of the mentoring ministry is to equip the young males (ages 11-18) with insight and tools to make informed healthy decisions; to groom the youth into productive citizens through coaching and modeling Godly behavior and to help the youth make a smooth transition from boyhood to manhood.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: 3rd Saturday of the month

Deacon Frank Brown

Minister Wives

Sister Pauline Grove

Missionary Ministry

To visit the sick, to minister to the sick, nursing homes and out in the streets. Help the needy in any way we can.

Ministry Scripture: Ephesians 2:21
Meeting Date:

Sister Gail Tolbert

New Members Ministry

To teach the new members what it means to be a Christian in a Baptist church. As a member you will learn and grow through this study.

Ministry Scripture: II Timothy :15
Meeting Date: Every Sunday @ 9:00

Deacon Tony Glover

New Members Ministry

To teach the new members what it means to be a Christian in a Baptist church. As a member you will learn and grow through this study.

Ministry Scripture: II Timothy :15
Meeting Date: Every Sunday @ 9:00

Rev. Mary Glover

Pastor's Aide Ministry

To support the pastor and his family and to show appreciation to the pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance. We are a strong support system to the pastor.

Ministry Scripture: 1 Timothy 5:17
Meeting Date: Every Month (date to be announced)

Sister Janie Carroll

Praise Choir

Setting an atmosphere of reaching people for Christ by lifting up the name of Jesus through song.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of the month they sing

Brother Joshua Roberts


To empower persons to succeed both socially and economically by providing them with instruction and tools needed to pass the G.E.D. exam.

Ministry Scripture: Philippians 4:13
Meeting Date: Every Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Sister Trudie Dukes

Security Ministry

Brother Henry Simmons

Senior Ushers Ministry

Greet people, showing people Christian love as they come through the doors.

Ministry Scripture: Psalm 42:10
Meeting Date: Every Saturday before 1st Sunday

Sister Bridgett Lindsay

Spanish Ministry

To witness to Spanish speaking people in Spanish and to spread the good news of the Gospel

Ministry Scripture: Matthew 28:20
Meeting Date: The first 3 Mondays of the month

Sister Maria / Shelley Anderson / Brown

Sunday School Ministry

To teach God's people about His word.

Ministry Scripture: Meeting Date:
Every Sunday @ 9:00

Sister Catherine Pratt

Trustee Ministry

Deacon Eugene Wright

Tutorial Ministry

To assist students in getting where they need to be educationally by providing one-on-one tutoring in a Christ-centered atmosphere

Ministry Scripture: Philippians 4:13
Meeting Date: Every Tuesday ~ 6:30-7:30

Sister Gail Tolbert

White Oak Manor

To have church service and communion with the residents of the assisted living facility.

Ministry Scripture: Matthew 25:36
Meeting Date: 1st Sunday of each month @ 2:00

Deacon James Cummings

W. E. Hugee Male Choir

To minister to people through songs.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: Every Saturday before the 5th Sunday

Brother Albert Hill, Jr.

Wednesday Noon Bible Study

Co-ministered by Sister Elizabeth Frazier.

Teaching the word to apply the word to ultimately live the word.

Ministry Scripture: II Timothy 2:15
Meeting Date: Wednesday 12:00 p.m.

Rev. Albertha Isler

WHTH U (Women Helping The Hurting Unite)

To offer spiritual, emotional and educational support to hurting women. To provide referrals in cases of physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness.

Ministry Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11-13
Meeting Date:

Sister Denise Glover

Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment Service)

Teaching our youth biblical concepts to help them grow spiritually stronger in Christ Jesus in their everyday lives.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: Every Tuesday @ 7:30

Sisters Ife/Trudie Cromwell/Dukes

Young Adult Ushers Ministry

Greeting people, giving out programs, seating people, etc.

Ministry Scripture:
Meeting Date: Every 2nd Sunday

Sister Shanstacy Whack

Youth Department

Brother Steven Heyward

Youth Ushers

To teach and guide our youth in the right path. Greet members at the door and assist with offering.

Ministry Scripture: Mark 10:14-16
Meeting Date: 4th Sunday

Sister Robin Roper

Young Women's Auxiliary

Sister LaTonya Robinson

Voices of Joshua Choir

Sister Mary McNeal


1 Prosperity Dea. Frank and Rev. Cecily Brown 7:00 am
2 Commitment Dea. Eugene and Sis. Annette Wright 8:00 am
3 Salvation Dea. Albert and Sis. Helen Hill 9:00 am
4 Healing Dea. Arnold and Sis. Sonya Jenkins 10:00 am
5 Increase Giving Dea. Norman and Sis. Janet Vanderhorst 11:00 am
6 Health Dea. Lawrence and Sis. Alma Strother 12:00 pm
7 New Members Dea. James and Sis. Dean Cummings 1:00 pm
8 Expansion Dea. Bobby and Sis. Marjory Harper 2:00 pm
9 Deliverance Dea. Anthony and Rev. Mary Glover 3:00 pm
10 Youth Dea. Casdell and Sis. Chenette Singleton 4:00 pm
11 Wisdom Dea. Leroy and Sis. Shelley Brown 5:00 pm
12 Knowledge and Understanding Bro. Clarence and Rev. Albertha Isler 6:00 pm